Third Commemorative Anniversary


Dear All,

It has been three years since my mother passed away on 20th August 2008. Like the last two years, I wish to hold on this Sunday, 21st August 2011, a simple commemorative ceremony for her, and indeed also for my father who passed away in 1996.

Like last year, Aung Khine Oo and Khine Thandar Oo will offer a Shan/ Tai special food to all on the day for lunch.

There will also be a distribution of a new chanting CD of the Most Ven. Khruva Boonchum (Mong Phong Sayadaw) which has been recited and recorded in a studio in Singapore by one of his top assistant monks. There will also be a dhamma talk on "Each Step coounts", which is about how a mother of eight struggled and finally fitted meditation into her life and greatly benefitted from the practice.

Please come and join us.

With metta,
Venerable Dhammasami

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