2010 Mothering Day

Mothering Day is what is called
in England. Mother's Day is
how today is known elsewhere,
the fourth Sunday in the Christian lent.

As Buddhists, we see the Full Moon Day
of October as Mother's Day
or rather Parents' Day
because the Buddha completed a special teaching
to a group of heavenly beings,
that include his former mother
now reborn in heaven.

So, we never gave you a card or gift
on this day. Maybe it was not a tradition in the family.
Well, we do not celebrate even birthdays
within the family.
Instead, we celebrate home-coming day
for all the children who school away,
and we also celebrate the day they return to school.

You said just before your last days
that you felt so much love from
all of us, your children. We also believed
that it was true
because we knew we loved you so much.

But I think we all still have one thing
to confess.

We thought
your unconditional love
was something we owned;
We also thought
it was something we should have it as our rights.
We took it for granted.

Now that you are
no more with us,
It always strikes us that
Mum's love is not something any of us owed,
nor is it purely our rights to have it.
With no genuine appreciation in return,
none would truly deserve your love.

I meditate on your love
your unconditional love
for us and
for anyone who came to know you.

We love you, Mae.