Second Commemorative Anniversary

Mae Moon
We Miss You Khaaa…

It's been two full years, Mae
Since you left us and with no returning.

Mae, you will want to know how
We, your children, have been faring.

Three of your grandchildren
Sai Seng Merng, Nang Kham Li
And Nang Hern are now married.
With your continued blessings
They will have a happy and wonderful married life.

One of your daughters, Nang Khin Nu,
Has given birth this month
To her second child, a boy
Whom you would have certainly enjoyed
Being with or hearing him crying from downstairs.

Nang Khin Nu with the support from us all
Has also revived the family business, the indigenous
Shan medicines. She has registered it with a cheetah logo;
Signaling that we will have to run as fast as a cheetah,
The fastest in the world, to catch up the glory you and Por (Dad)
Had brought us with this traditional physician's
Compassion and know-how. After all, this family business goes back to
Generations and has been the profession of many branches
in Por's family.
And, with your and Por's continued blessings,
We believe Nu will succeed.
Bless her, please, Mae.

We also have not forgotten the good spiritual tradition
You and Por had taught us.
We still offer meals monthly to over a hundred Buddhist monks
Studying the words of the Buddha at Wat Veluwan, situated near our home.

Besides, we also have donated a few millions of Kyats
Towards the building of Wat Ho Loi Dhamma Hall
In Nong Pang Village where you gave birth to eight of us.
Remember, you started this donation!
The construction is on-going and we will continue
To contribute until its completion.
Please say sadhu many times and rejoice in these holy
Meritorious deeds done in your name khaaa.

But since you left, there are not many Buddhist monks
Visiting us any more.
When you were around, they came often calling you
Mae Tao (grandma) and
They always brought you good news and happiness.
It was a great blessing receiving them at home.
We miss their presence just as we miss you so much everyday.
Without their visit our home looks so empty now,
And the reason is obvious: they have more concerns for you and love you.

Today is Friday, 20th Aug 2010.
There are gatherings of well-wishers in the Oxford Buddha Vihara,
Oxford, Britain and in its branch, OBVS, in Singapore
To remember you, Mae;
To remember you
And to reflect on what you said.

And of course to comfort each other
Knowing we no longer have you amongst us.

They all know you as Mae Moon now.
They have your picture, holding your palms while in Buddhagaya.
It is on a Pali chanting CD
That describes about the thirty parami practices of the Lord Buddha
When he was endeavoring to obtain full enlightenment.
It's our teacher, the Most Venerable Phrakhruva Boonchum
(Maing Phong Sayadaw) or Sao Woonzoom as you know him
Who has taught us this special chanting.
He was so kind to you, making several calls
While you were in the hospital
To offer comfort and blessing.
By the way, Sao Woonzoom has been
Meditating in a cave in solitary retreat since early April this year
And will be doing so continuously for three years.

In Wat Veluwan, Taunggyi, Shan State though
Your friends and family, who love and always have concerns for you
And are forever grateful to you
Will be gathered on 25th the Full Moon Day;
That will be to remember you by the Tai calendar, Mae.
You would be beaming with delight
If you know that this is all for you, Mae.

We love you.
Please say sadhu sadhu and saaaaaadhu
And be happy, Mae.
We miss you very much khaaa.